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2012-01-14 08:51 pm

Art for M7BigBang

I've participated in M7BigBag as an artist, too, and since I'm kinda pleased with myself with the images I made, I decided to post them, too:).
The story I made them for is The Long Way Home by Yum@.

Cover art )
And 8 illustrations )
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2012-01-06 12:10 pm

Fanmix for my BigBang story

[personal profile] delphi made a wonderful fanmix for my story.
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2012-01-06 12:00 pm

fic: Between Coindence and Destiny (Mag7 AU)

My Mag7BigBang Story:

Title: Between Coindence and Destiny
Characters: Seven, Orrin Travis, Mary
Summary: For ages planet Ferzan of the Carribean System was the trade centre of the Galaxy - independent and strong, a safe heaven for everyone. But now there is a big conspiracy out there which could change everything, and not for the best. It's up to seven very different men (from computer whiz kid to disillusioned Starfleet Captain) to save the Governor and protect the planet. They might succeed or they might not, but in the process some fences will be mended, some friendships will be built and some long forgotten ties rediscovered.

Special thanks to winks7985 for the beta-reading!

Between Coincidence and Destiny )

[personal profile] delphi made a wonderful fanmix for the story - see here.
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2011-05-05 01:18 am

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